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why our training works

jargon-free insights.

real-life solutions.

We facilitate interactive, engaging workshops and coaching sessions with managers at all levels in an organisation

This is more than ‘out of the box’, vanilla management training. Through these sessions, managers will understand what makes workers ‘tick’ and how they can influence performance by helping staff to flourish.

What we do:

  • Work on important, practical skills that enable managers to understand and get the best from individuals and teams. 
  • Give practical, jargon-free and real-life insights and solutions based on extensively researched theories.  
  • Build the confidence and motivation of delegates to use new insights and skills in their own workplace.
  • Help review and develop procedures that create a solid foundation for staff wellbeing and performance.

Wellbeing and Engagement for Senior Execs

A half day, interactive training.

This training explores:

  • the factors driving staff motivation, wellbeing and engagement in your organisation;
  • the crucial role played by organisational culture and procedures.

Managing Wellbeing and Performance

A one day, interactive workshop for supervisors, new managers and human resource practitioners. 

This training:

  • provides a foundation-level understanding of worker wellbeing and performance;
  • develops the core skills needed to help teams and individuals to feel secure and able to focus on their tasks.

Leading for Wellbeing and Performance

A two day, interactive workshop for managers and human resource professionals who manage larger teams, work in complex organisations or face challenging situations. 

This workshop offers:

  • deeper insights into staff engagement, resilience, wellbeing and motivation, as well as individual differences;
  • opportunities for delegates to practice more sophisticated approaches for getting the best out of individuals and teams.  


a solid foundation

for staff wellbeing and performance

We help review and develop procedures that create a solid foundation for staff wellbeing and performance.

Managers and leaders will come away with a deeper understanding of why they are experiencing some of the challenges and problems that they encounter and have heightened skills and confidence to make things better.

Your managers will come away from our sessions with:

  • a clearer understanding of human motivation and how to build and direct it
  • an action plan that makes sense for them, their workers and their organisation.
  • the confidence to put the plan into practice in your workplace

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