there’s no mystery about how to transform a team

why teams underperform

The success of your organisation depends on teams and individuals working effectively – and you being able to retain that talent.

If you find that you’re bleeding talent, or your teams and individuals are not working at their best (or, worse, undermining the efforts of the organisation) your organisation will fail to meet its objectives.

As a leader in this situation work can feel like a difficult, draining experience. When your team or organisation isn’t achieving you can feel like you’re in a constant struggle with those around you.

Sound familiar?

If your managers are…

  • Dealing with resistance to new ideas or proposals
  • Struggling to motivate their teams to focus on their work and achieve goals
  • Dealing with complaints, arguments and absences
  • Discovering there is a problem only once it has become a crisis
  • Feeling forced into the role of ‘critical parent’
  • Unsure how to change these relationships

…it’s unlikely that your teams will meet their goals or expected standards. And this will have a knock-on effect, undermining performance in other parts of the business.

helping high performing teams support improved performance across your business

the secret of high performance

Your managers want to come into work and feel like they’re achieving something; that they’re making a positive difference. They want to feel motivated – and above all, they want to feel well. They want to be the best they can be.

We’ll help you build a team whose members:

  • Are motivated and focused, and put in extra effort when needed 
  • Are prepared to volunteer for difficult tasks and try new things
  • Support each other
  • Talk up their team or company
  • Come forward with new ideas
  • Identify and deal with emerging problems

Through our involvement, your managers will feel more confident in working with their team to build an environment in which everyone can flourish. Your business will be more likely to retain its talent, avoiding the disruption and costs that result when people leave under a cloud, and see high performing teams support improved performance across the business.  

There is no mystery about how to transform a team. Your managers already have the answers – but they need the opportunity to explore their ideas and turn them into practical solutions.

What you won’t get from us

  • Generic or ‘off the shelf’ solutions or survey tools.
  • Radical, ‘new age’ advice.
  • The sort of training that has no basis in reality and doesn’t reflect your organisation’s actual problems.

What you will get from us

  • Consultancy and training workshops that are based around listening to you and your people, and understanding your team’s own experiences.

  • A practical action plan – and the confidence to put it into practice in your workplace.

  • A team of leaders and managers who have a deeper understanding of human motivation – and the skills to understand and improve performance in the workplace.

why we do what we do

meet Dr Nick Bell

Hi, I’m Nick Bell. At the core of my being I believe that workers will perform to their full potential – and achieve the best results – when their workplace helps them to meet their needs.

Having been through a soul-crushing experience of working in a large organisation, where I was an expendable cog, I used my PhD to gain a deeper understanding of how to achieve the best results with individuals and teams. 

Engagement and wellbeing have been the core themes of my career and training, and my passion for these topics infuses all the services that I provide. I appreciate the real-life challenges faced by managers, and ensure that my delegates leave with a practical action plan that makes sense for them.

My experience tells me that every company, and every manager, is different. I don’t offer an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all-solution. Instead, I have the experience and insights to listen and help develop solutions that are tailored around each client’s unique circumstances. 

experience and qualifications

My PhD focused on enhancing worker motivation and wellbeing and I am now a Chartered Psychologist. Earlier in my career I gained degrees and qualifications in psychology, social work and counselling. My work is therefore informed by a deep insight into what is happening beneath the surface.

My thoughts and experiences on various aspects of leadership, engagement and wellbeing have been widely published, and I have spoken at numerous national and international conferences and events on these subjects. The insights I provide have therefore been tested by other industry experts.

I’ve worked for and with a wide range of organisations (from charities and the public sector to construction and energy generation), and I have many years’ experience of creating and delivering engaging, interactive training to all levels within organisations. I am an Honorary Principal Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Dr Nick Bell


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